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Cyber High

What is Cyber High at Maria Carrillo High School?

Cyber High is a credit recovery option that works best for students that are able to self-pace and self-monitor. Each cyber high course is worth 5 units (1 semester class at Carrillo).

How do I earn units for graduation? What are the course expectations?

For each unit, students will need to complete readings, practice problems, assignments, quizzes, etc. Assignments need to be completed at 80% and quizzes need to be passed with an 80% or better.

Once all the work in completed for the unit, students can come into an open lab (after school from 3:15-4:15 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, except the 2nd Wednesday of the month). During this open lab, students can have the 50 question multiple choice exam opened for the unit.

Once all units are completed for a course and all unit test have been passed, transcripts will be sent to Maria Carrillo High and will be added to your official transcript.

Do I really need to do ALL of the activities?

All our students must complete 80% of the activities for each unit before the unit exam will be opened for them to take. All students are earning academic credits towards a high school diploma so must complete 80% of the work and pass the exam.

Why do I need 80% on quizzes if a D- is passing?

Cyber High limits the number of times a final exam can be taken. If a student does not pass the final exam, they cannot earn that credit through Cyber High at all. An 80% on quizzes helps to ensure that students will pass the unit exam on their first try and will earn the needed credits for graduation.

When is the lab open?

The D-3 computer lab will be open Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school from 3:15 to 4:15pm. It will be closed the second Wednesday of each month,  and is subject to unexpected closures which will be communicated via the morning announcements.

What are the lab hours for? Do I need to go to all of them?

Students must complete all final exams in the lab under teacher supervision. Students must also come to the lab to sign-up for Cyber High and be enrolled in a class. Students are also welcome to use the open lab time to work on any work for the units but do not need to attend regularly. All materials, except final tests, can be accessed and completed from any device with internet access at anytime, day or night.

I finished my unit on Thursday night but the lab isn't open until Tuesday, what do I do?

Students can work on units in any order and can move on to the material for the next unit before taking the unit exam for their last unit.

I need multiple classes from Cyber High, how many can I sign up for at once?

Students will only be enrolled in 1 class at a time. Once that class is completed they can sign up for the next class they need.

Can any student take a Cyber High class?

Any student is eligible for Cyber High if their counselor has recommended them for a course. This is typically reserved for Juniors and Seniors who have shown they can now pass their regular academic classes and need to make up units from Freshmen or Sophomore years. Counselors need to make the recommendation to ensure the student is taking the correct course needed for graduation.

When do I need to have my units completed by?

All units must be completed 1 month prior to graduation to ensure transcripts are sent, received, and processed prior to graduation day.

If you would like a progress update on your student, or have further questions, please contact 

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If you would like a progress update on your student, or have further questions, please contact