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Special Education

About Us

The mission of Maria Carrillo High School's special educators is to provide a fruitful partnership among parents, educators, students and other agencies to ensure that all students with disabilities become educated, self-directed and productive members of the high school community and society. We will value and nurture inclusiveness, dignity and diversity of all individuals as we provide an educational foundation that enables students to have the ability to think, communicate, create and apply thier learning experiences throughout their lifetime.


Department members

Tiffany Jahnke, Ed. Specialist

Tim Sergent, Ed. Specialist

Sarah Finster, Ed. Specialist

Macy Sharif, Ed. Specialist

Athena Karavolos, Ed. Specialist

Brittany Affronti, Ed. Specialist

Nick Allen, Ed. Specialist, RISE Program

Mark Giangiacomo, Instructional Assistant 

Darcy Analora, School Psychologist 


Courses Offered

RISE Program

SDC Math 1

RSP Math 1A

RSP Math 1B

RSP Math 2

RSP/SDC English 10-12

Co-Taught History 10 & 12

RSP Directed Studies 9-12

SDC Career Awareness/Exploration/Internship/Personal Management

In Development:

Push-in Science  & English