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About Us

The MCHS English Department is committed to challenging and preparing all students for success during and after high school.

Department Highlights:

9th grade integrated English/Social Science Program (Global Perspectives Core)

Senior Selective English classes (thematically-structured course options)

Jack London Award Winner for the Senior Poetry Unit

Books Typically Taught in MCHS English Courses

9th Grade Books Authors
Romeo and Juliet  Shakespeare
Things Fall Apart Achebe
Nectar in a Sieve Markandaya
Samurai's Garden, The Tsukiyama
Siddhartha Hesse
Bless Me, Ultima Anaya
In The Time of the Butterflies Alvarez
Kite Runner, The Hosseini
10th Grade Books Authors
Greek Mythology Various
The Odyssey Homer
1984 Orwell
All Quiet on the Western Front Remarque
Animal Farm Orwell
Antigone Sophocles
Brave New World* Huxley
A Doll's House Ibsen
Ender's Game Card
Fahrenheit 451 Bradbury
Frankenstein Shelley
Jane Eyre* Bronte
Lord of the Flies Golding
Othello Shakespeare
Oedipus Sophocles
A Tale of Two Cities* Dickens
Night Wiesel
11th Grade Books Authors
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Twain
Animal Dreams Kingsolver
Beloved* Morrison
Black Boy Wright
The Catcher in the Rye Salinger
Cat's Cradle Vonnegut
The Crucible Miller
Death of A Salesman Miller
East of Eden Steinbeck
Great Gatsby, The Fitzgerald
The House on Mango Street Cisneros
Montana 1948 Watson
Of Mice And Men Steinbeck
The Scarlet Letter* Hawthorne
Their Eyes Were Watching God Hurston
Things They Carried, The OBrien
To Kill A Mockingbird Lee
12th Grade Books Authors
Candide* Voltaire
Catch-22* Heller
Crime and Punishment* Dostoevsky
Doubt  Shanley
Fast Food Nation Schlosser
Into Thin Air Krakauer
Grendel Gardner
Hamlet Shakespeare
Heart of Darkness* Conrad
The Importance of Being Earnest Wilde
Invisible Man* Ellison
King Lear Shakespeare
Long Day's Journey Into Night ONeill
Medea (translated by Jeffers) Euripedes
One Hundred Years of Solitude* Marquez
Picture of Dorian Gray Wilde
Pride and Prejudice Austen
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead Stoppard
The Secret Life of Bees Kidd
Slaughterhouse Five Vonnegut
Song of Solomon Morrison
The Stranger Camus
Twelfth Night Shakespeare
Waiting for Godot* Beckett
Fast Food Nation Schlosser
Into Thin Air Krakauer
*Denotes Book typically in honors or AP

Department Members

Department Members

Jacob Boulais, B.A. CSU Sonoma

Natasha Deakins, B.A., UC Los Angeles

Madelyn Doyle, B.A., CSU Sonoma

Laura Hall-Grodrian, B.A., CSU Chico

James Hart, B.A., Stanford

Jordan Henry, M.A.T., University of San Francisco

David Babington, M.A., New York University

Jenna Madsen, B.A. CSU Sonoma

Trish Terrell, M.A., Stanford

Emily Wolper, M.S., Dominican University


Courses Offered

Academic English 1,2,3,4
English 3,4
Honors English 1 and 2
AP Language and Composition (11th)
AP Literature and Composition (12th)
Journalism 1 and 2
Senior Selectives


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Curriculum Guide By Grade Level

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Project Wayfinder

In addition to diverse literature, Wayfinder is research backed, socio-emotional curriculum that guides students to purposeful leadership through various lessons based on essential life skills. These lessons focus on alignment with core values, build upon personal strengths and provide tools for students to to traverse their own personal journeys. Our Wayfinder curriculum fosters a unique connection with peers and teachers alike, to be able to discover deeper personal fulfillment and purposeful direction.