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Art Graphic Design

Art 1

In Art 1, the course is primarily focused on drawing, painting and design. We will explore methods, observe many examples, and focus on seeing and appreciating the physical world around us. Imaginary topics are also explored, as well as Art Heritage from around the globe. Many mediums will be used including pencil, ink, charcoal, color pencil, cut paper, collage, oil-pastel, chalk-pastel, watercolors and acrylics. 

Ocean watercolor

Art 2 & Art 3

Art 2 and Art 3 will continue the exploration of 2-dimensional Art consisting of drawing, painting, mixed media and other traditional and contemporary forms. Observation, memory and imagination are engaged while building a strong foundation in the elements and principles of Art. There is a strong emphasis on development of technical skills and conceptual concerns in Art 2.

Taylor Sittner portrait

Commercial Art and Design

This course will introduce students to basic principles of graphic design emphasizing concepts and imagery for commercial art. Projects will incorporate the development of ideas and creative themes using symbolic representation, image-based logos, branding and corporate identity, multi-media advertising campaigns and commercial images for products. Traditional and modern techniques will be used to produce the artwork.