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Course Descriptions

The MCHS Dance Program offers three levels of dance: Beginning 1, Intermediate 2, and Advanced 3.  Students begin by learning the basic techniques of various dance styles in Beginning Dance.  They move on to further develop their technique and learn foundational choreographic principles in Intermediate.  In Advanced, the students focus on refining their choreography and performance skills.  Students learn to appreciate dance for its artistic, athletic, and aesthetic value. 

Mission Statement

The Maria Carrillo High School Dance Program is designed to help students develop an understanding and appreciation for dance through technique instruction, choreography, and creative production.

The mission of the Dance Program is to broaden the students' vision of dance as language and expression. The curriculum builds technical proficiency, cultivates the art of reflection and constructive dialogue, and develops each student's unique voice as an artist and dancer.

The MCHS Dance Program provides students of all levels the opportunity to experience dance in a context that values the individual and the creative process. The program is dedicated to technical training within a non-competitive environment, offering access to various forms of dance.  The choreography and performance aspects highlight students’ strengths and encourage creative expression. The program is a nurturing and dynamic setting for students to learn and grow in the art and expression of dance.