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ENCORE - Performing and Visual Arts

ENCORE - Performing and Visual Arts

ENCORE Mission Statement

The Encore program at Maria Carrillo High School provides the finest quality arts instruction, combining all its visual and performing arts. The study of art enriches intellectual, emotional, and social skills, and the production of art is a manifestation of that compassionate growth.

Encore is dedicated to offering access to various art forms, highlighting students’ strengths and encouraging them through nurturing and dynamic challenges. Encore students are provided with a safe haven to develop and mature their performing and visual skills among the standards of a professional environment. We provide a wide range of opportunities and techniques to broaden the students’ vision and forms of expression, and pursue these goals as individuals and collaborators among competitive and non-competitive environments.

Working to build proficiency and provide Encore students with all levels of opportunity, it is our goal to cultivate unique artists, actors, singers, dancers, musicians, designers, technicians, writers, directors, and other industry personnel. Our students are artists who also understand the business of their industry, and the smart steps necessary to thrive within it.

Whether they continue their education and find fulfilling jobs in the arts, or bring their creative perspectives into other fields of study, we elevate the whole student as a cultured, compassionate, and innovative person.

We invite you to peruse the variety of class offerings listed here, and to attend our events posted on our calendar. Feel free to email us!

Putting the "A" in STEAM,
Your Encore Teachers

ENCORE Course listing

Gail Bowers:

• Jazz Choir (audition/teacher recommendation)

• Honors Jazz Choir (audition/teacher recommendation)

• Chamber Singers (audition/teacher recommendation)

• Honors Chamber Singers (audition/teacher recommendation)

• Treble Choir (high voices) - no audition

• A Cappella Choir/Bass Choir (low voices) - no audition

• Instrumental Music - piano (all levels)

Matt Bringedahl

Concert Band

Symphonic Band

Honors Symphonic Band - Wind Orchestra

Orchestra/Honors Orchestra - String Orchestra

Jazz Band/Honors Jazz - Jazz I or II 

Matt Bowker:

Jazz Band B

Symphonic Band

Wind Ensemble

Mariachi Club

Denise Elia-Yen:

Theatre 1 - no audition necessary!

Theatre 2 - prerequisite Drama 1 or email Denise Elia-Yen for audition

Technical Theatre - learn technical theater, behind-the-scenes!

Film 1 - study and learn basic film techniques

Film 2 - prerequisite Film 2; study and learn more advanced techniques

Rose Henry:

Beginning Dance 1 - No experience necessary! (Register)!

Intermediate Dance 2 - Recommendation (email Rose Henry)

Advanced Dance 3 - Audition (email Rose Henry)

Tom Laughlin:

Art 1 P

Art 2 P - Intermediate Advanced Art

Art 3  P - Advanced Art

Commercial Art and Design P

Charles Zweig:

Ceramics 1

Ceramics 2Ceramics 3


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Department Directory:

Gail Bowers = Choir/Piano

Matt Bringedahl = Band/Orchestra

Matt Bowker = Band/Mariachi Club

Denise Elia-Yen = Theatre/Film

Rose Henry = Dance

Tom Laughlin = Art/Graphic Design

Charles Zweig = Ceramics

See our detailed course listing on this page under our promo video!

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Encore Logo

Art & Graphic Design

Art, Graphic Design - Tom Laughlin

Band & Orchestra

Band = Matt Bringedahl


Ceramics = Charles Zweig


CHOIR = Gail Bowers


Dance = Rose Henry

Theatre & Film

Theatre and Film - Denise Elia-Yen

Technical Theatre

Stagecraft = Denise Elia-Yen