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Progress Report Form

Weekly Progress Reports

Students and parents often want to know how they are doing more frequently than interim progress reports and report cards. Many teachers have websites with current information. However, for a quick idea of how a student is doing in all classes, the weekly progress report is very handy. This can be used to document information for athletic coaches or keep a parent informed about student progress.

This is a voluntary service that students are responsible for handling themselves. Here's the process:

  • The forms are located in the counseling office or the form can be downloaded and printed out here.
  • Students take the forms to each of their teachers on Mondays, since all 6 classes are scheduled on that day.
  • Students need to give teachers the chance to fill out the forms. The best way to do that is to give the teacher the form at the beginning of the class and pick it up at the end. 
    • ‚ÄčIf a student simply hands the form to the teacher at the end of class, it does not give the teacher the time or opportunity to look up the student's progress.

Click here to download the MCHS Progress Report Form