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Questions and Answers


MCHS Process

How do I make an appointment to talk to my student's counselor?
Email the counselor directly or call the Counseling Office at 707-890-3820 x54115

In what ways can a student fulfill their P.E. requirements?
Through P.E. classes at school, online, SRJC. or interscholastic sports  (see interscholastic sports page).

Is there a "zero" period?
We have jazz band, jazz choir and P.E. for 9th graders (if enrolled in music classes).  Jazz  classes are advanced music classes

What classes count towards UC Admission? (A-G requirements)
Please see A-G Requirements under Academics on our website, Counseling 

How many electives can a student take?
As long as they are meeting their core graduation requirements there is no limit.

What is considered an "elective"?
Any course that is not a graduation requirement is actually an elective

Can a student take classes at the J.C for HS Credit?
Yes, check with the counselor for the appropriate course number or curriculum guide- credit for course work other than Santa Rosa City Schools.

Does MCHS rank its students?  How do you find out your student's class rank?
Yes, ranking is provided to us by the District Office at the end of September and February. for juniors and seniors only.  Students can get their ranking from the counselor

Does MCHS have a valedictorian?  How are they determined?
No, MCHS does not have a valedictorian.  We have the Principal's Award, which is determined by the principal with counselor input.  One boy and one girl are chosen and announced during the Senior Awards Ceremony.

College Information

When should my student decide between the SAT & ACT?  Where can I find more information on those tests?
Students can take the SAT & ACT through the December test date of their senior year.  Students generally begin taking the tests during their junior year.  SAT- is a test of the student's problem solving ability.  More of an aptitude test.  ACT- is an achievement test, measuring what a student has learned in school.  Please visit or,

What things can I do to best help prepare my student for college?
Start early! Teach them to take responsibility for their classes and classwork. Help them to understand what classes and grades are required for college. Focus on grades, get help if you need it (tutoring), help them get involved with extracurricular activities- more is not better.  Focus in on a passion .  Begin to explore colleges, encourage your student to take challenging classes but do the necessary preparation to be successful in those classes.  Encourage them to take leadership roles in extracurricular activities, choose an area of interest for community service and begin volunteer hours. Start preparing college essays early, prepare a personal resume, and apply for scholarships.  Use summers wisely.

Conflict Resolution

What do I do if my student is having problems with a teacher?
We encourage parents to email the teacher and get all points of view on the situation.  Attempt to problem solve with your student.  The next step would be to contact the counselor and let them intervene on behalf of the student.  That usually starts with a conversation with the student and teacher separately and possibly a meeting between the teacher, counselor and student if necessary.  Parents can also be a part of that meeting.

What do I do if my student is having problems being successful with one or more classes?
First step would be to meet with the teacher during advocacy or ask for help to the teacher via email.  Secondly, use peer tutoring which takes place during advocacy in the library.  There is also after school tutoring available and private tutors.  For names of student tutors or adult tutors please see the counselor.