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Support Services


MCHS counselors strive to guide their students through all the exciting challenges of high school and prepare them for the first stage of their adult life. We carefully track high school graduation requirements. We provide information on college admissions, internships, apprenticeships, and career guidance. Each year, we hold informational nights including: Preparing for College; What you need to know about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA); and how to best navigate the junior college system. 

MCHS counselors provide academic, social, and personal counseling services to students of all abilities and interests.

Students and their families are encouraged to contact counselors by email or by calling the counseling office at (707) 890-3820 x 54115.

Social/Emotional Support

Adolescents is a natural time of social experimentation. This can be difficult yet healthy for most students. However, sometimes, a student can feel isolated or victimized in a bullying situation. Counselors can be of support in the situations that are problematic. By meeting with your student (and the parent when appropriate), referrals can made to peer counselors or even to administration to intervene if the problem involves another student.

Academic Support Services

Every year, before creating schedules, counselors speak to each of their students to make sure they are on track to graduate and meet their career and academic goals. 

Sometimes issues can arise. Here's our recommendations for how to support your student.


1. E-mail or make an appointment to speak to the teacher.The teacher understands best what is happening in class and can quickly give suggestions as to what your student needs in order to improve.

2. If you have tried communicating with the teachers and your student continues to have issues, it might be a good time to ask the counselor to further facilitate a meeting with the teacher (s) and student.

3. Counselors can help set your student up when appropriate with peer tutoring, peer counseling, etc. See the listings under "Academic support."

4. If students need more intensive tutoring, counselors have tutoring referral lists.

Mental Health

Sometimes more serious mental health issues can arise during the high school years that need crisis assessment and intervention. Family issues can escalate, students can feel suicidal or other emotional problems can surface. Counselors can help and in crisis situations refer to our on-campus Mental Health counselor or assist you with mental health referrals.